At the Crafts Village® Academy we put together exciting Art Events for both kids & adults within the studio. These social art events are perfect for occasionally helping you flex your creative muscles without extreme commitment. Some of these events are aimed at creating awareness about a cause in the Arts & Crafts industry in Nigeria such as our talk shows, while others are art sessions as a form of relaxation and fun with necessary materials like painting sessions where you paint on canvases and often have an instructor to oversee and provide help when needed.


While we keep coming up with creative ideas to promote Arts & Crafts as a form of livelihood as well as a form of fun activity, here are some of the social art events we offer at the Crafts Village Academy.

Here are some examples of social art events that are great for one-time creative sessions:

  1. Sip & Paint Hangouts
    Crafts Village® Monthly Sip & Paint Hangout
    Just as we offer sip & paint services on private bookings for parties and other social events, we offer daily, weekly and monthly sip & paint hangouts at our Studio for interested participants who wish to come have fun at our facility.What this means basically is that we offer these hangouts (often with drinks) at the studio in which an instructor teaches a group of adults how to paint an image. They’re great events for socializing and drinking while making something aesthetically pleasing. We have Any-Day Session for Lovers, Weekly Sessions for Group of Friends & Monthly Hangouts which are all scheduled for easy participations.
  2. Pottery Paintings HangoutPottery-painting - Crafts Village Academy
    Pottery painting events are great because you can bring home a customized mug, plate, or other ceramic tableware to use or gift to someone else. These events are great for a relaxing, creative session with your friends.
  3. Figure Drawing Sessions
  4. Talk Shows & more

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